Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Geico Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Geico - Essay Example To avoid this problem, GEICO insurance company decided to eliminate brokers and agents and deal with the end users direct. GEICO decided to spend a little amount in dealing direct with the customers than using a lot of money by bringing in brokers. This is because the brokers will add in more money to gathers their needs. Dealing direct with the customer is better as a customer will be comfortable and he/she will afford the services offered by the company (Rosenbloom 87). This will enable the company to outweigh the competitors, at the same time retain its customers, and bring in more customers. In addition, the company will make a profit and will remain in business. GEICO insurance company advertises its products and services direct to the end user or customer. The company is advertising through the radio, television, and internet. This is because the company is trying to reach all people both the poor and the rich. Those who cannot afford to buy the television and access internet will get the advertisements through the radio (Rosenbloom 42). Many people are using the television and the company runs the advertisement frequently after every program in the television. In addition, the internet is used as now days the world has gone digital. Most people are using the internet by accessing the social sites. The company reaches these people by creating a page on these social sites and many people will view the advert every time they login to the social sites. People will be attracted to get their services after viewing the pages on the social sites. The insurance company trains its employees to have good public relation on how to interact with customers. Some employees are invited to visit the television or radio station such that they can explain to the audience the mission, vision, and benefits of the company. The employees will use polite language that will please and attract the customer to get the services of the insurance company. The Company uses

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