Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Analysis Of The Article The Us Constitution - 1347 Words

On June 17th 2015, in Charleston S.C., where the roads are named after confederate generals, 21 year old Dylann Roof wore a Rhodesian badge, as he shot nine african americans in the Emanuel Church in hope of â€Å"igniting a civil war†. (Jessica Glenza; The guardian) Previously that year Roof, had been arrested and banned from a public mall, in march for a drug charge and in April for trespassing. In his case file it states that he was found in possession of narcotics to treat his drug addiction. It was also noted that he had an obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, despite these factors, Roof was still able to personally purchase the gun from a retail gun store in charleston because of lapses in the FBI background check system, (Ellen†¦show more content†¦The United States has always a gun and hunting culture starting from the birth of the country itself. The men who fought in the war of independence were citizens who owned their own muskets. However the issue of g un control can be traced back to the Civil War, as new African-American citizens needed to protect themselves from their previous owners in the south that would often hunt them down. The problematic of gun control have changed greatly due to the evolution of times. From the late twentieth century until today, gun control has been highly debated because of recurrent mass shootings, such as Columbine, such as Sandy Hook, such as Virginia Tech, such as San Bernardino, and such as Roseburg - just to name a few. Many have pleaded for thorough background checks to prevent convicts or the mentally handicapped from owning guns, while others argue that US citizens should follow in the steps of advanced European countries and no longer possess these lethal weapons. Others who are often leaning to the right argue that this a fundamental right that defines americanism and shapes American pride and historic culture. However recurrent mass shootings are nothing to be proud of. The second amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right of every American to bear arms. Therefore many supporters of gun ownership have been using this right to

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